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Welcome to KWM-Rio, Industrial and Environmental Consulting.
We attend the pharmaceutical, chemical, rubber and plastics industries with production and laboratory machines (development and quality control), complete production lines, consulting and judicial assistance. Please click on the buttons on the left to navigate in our web. The top buttons are destined to the portuguese version, only. "Home" brings you back there.

Our aim

"Quality and Speediness" since 1970

Company Profile

KWM - Rio was founded in 1970 as an industrial representation for the plastics and rubber sectors. The initial name was Kurt J.F. Wolff Máquinas e Equipamentos.

In 1972 the company moved to Rua Visconde de Pirajá in the centre of Ipanema where it is situated till now. The Logo was created which symbolizes a high speed mixer bowl, one of the first products sold by the company, integrating at the same time the initials of the founder K, J, F e W.

In 1973 the company was transformed into a Limited Company and moved to own premises at the same address. Since the very beginning there existed the intention to offer to our clients consulting and global solutions, as well for production lines as for the pertinent process technologies. Thus a great deal of important clients of the chemical, pharmaceutical, rubber and plastics sectors was conquered. Between others there were developped global projects for  production lines for rubber and plastic industries, one PVC compound factory, the plastic sector of two cable factories, the modernization of a cellophane factory and others, partially with own manufacturing.

In 1976 a new sector for Marine Equipment was added to the programme, where KWM - Rio delivered as the only national manufacturer the Inert Gas Systems KWM - FMV to the larger oil tankers of the Petrobrás - Fronape fleet. Representatives for the Marine Programme were appointed in 12 countries and one cooperation partner in Japan. Later on the Marine programme was expanded comprehending electric panels, cargo and ballast systems, oil sludge/solid waste incinerators and compact sewage treatment stations.

In 1983  KWM - Rio used for the first time computers for text editing and graphic applications.

In 1990 the sector Marine Equipment was closed down due to the declination of the Brazilian shipbuilding industry and at the same time all kind of own manufacturing. 

In 1994 was opened the São Paulo office with the name KWM - SP in order to improve the contacts with the industrial clientèle concentrated in that region.  As there was no significant order increase the office was closed in 1996.

In 2016 we finished the representation activities with the exception of mixers produced by AMK Aachen, Germany. Mixers were our first product as you can see by our ancient telegraphic address "BRAMIX" = Brasil Mixer of 1970. The activities of consulting for the rubber, plastic, chemical and pharmaceutical industies continue.

The advantage of KWM - Rio are the national and international contacts established during the years of its existence, which are at the disposal of our clients. The satisfaction of our clients according to our aim "Quality and Speediness" has been and will always be our most noble goal.


Informations for contact

55 21 98828 1549
Rua Visconde de Pirajá, 430-6°andar, 22410-002 Rio de Janeiro-RJ, Brasil
E-mail address
General Informations: info@kwmrio.com
Web Master: tecn@kwmrio.com


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