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We offer for the Plastic and Rubber Industries machines, auxiliaries and complete  lines in production and laboratory sizes.

For the Plastic Industries we offer low or high speed pre-mixers, roll mills (only for laboratories), single and double screw extruders, filters, screen changers, extrusion heads, hot face and submersed granulators, water baths, calenders, winders, manufacturing lines for granulated compound, colouring, master batch, recycling, manufacturing of flat and tubular blown film (only for laboratory), manufacturing of PS or PPfoam in granules, sheets, profiles or tubes, co-extrusion lines, testing and quality control equipment like on-line Rheometers, film inspection, Filter Test for the quality control of compounds or master batch,ovens and presses.

For general information on winders we recommend the site: www.bastian-co.de . For mixers we recommend the site: www.amk-de.net . If you have already a specific project for Mixing please click on the following link: questionaire.htm in order to enable us to send you an offer.

For the Rubber Industry we offer bale cutters, roll mills, extruders, calenders, duplex, triplex and quadroplex heads, band feeders, cutting tables, complete manufacturing lines for tyre elements, AumaŽ machines for continuous vulcanizing of sheets, profile manufacturing lines with micro-wave, salt bath or hot air tunnels, complete manufacturing lines for V-belts, cylinder covering machines, hose manufacturing machines and profile manufacturing lines for foamed TPE (thermoplastic elastomers).

For general informations on mixers we recommend the site: www.amk-de.net . Should you have already a specific project for Mixing click please on: questionaire.htm in order to enable us to send you an offer.

Main benefits

bulletHigh technology
bulletProcess Know-how

For more information about a specific product inform your name, address, telephone, e-mail and the data of your project as detailed as possible to: info@kwmrio.com 



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